A keen eye for artistic detail and superior knowledge of materials, furnishings, found items and craftsmanship, Laura utilizes years of interior design experience and a bit of fun to execute projects with efficiency and grace.From idea conception to procurement to installation, Laura launched Inside Edit to close the incentives gap of the designer and the client. The daunting interior design project is no longer hard to complete.

Post design education and masters, she worked for a leading New York City Interior Designer before creating her own interior design firm. Many years of top to bottom construction, re-designing, sourcing and specifying furniture, fabrics and other home items have lead to an abundance of valuable design knowledge. She has spent countless years visiting showrooms, meeting vendors at countless hours scowering trade shows. Now, realizing that what she truly loves about design is the hunt- finding that perfect piece, seeing it complete a space and finally the happiness it brings a client when they see their personality reflected in their completed home. She has always believed that if you have ‘good bones’ and hard working classic elements in your home that reflect who you are, you will love your home. When working with most designers, these personal touches are often missed.

Changes are good!

Our lives change and our style changes too. You’ll love an upgrade or a trendy statement that speaks volumes about you and your family -Right now.

Many of us are establishing a new home - either solo or with a new partner, moving into a new place, blending families (and homes) under one roof, making space for a new baby or watching kids grow, or just ready for a “new you,”. We can help!

‘I truly enjoy finding ways to EDit your ‘home style’ make it feel cohesive and boost your joy and productivity, allowing you to focus your time and energy on what matters most’.