Hiring a designer doesn’t have to be a huge commitment of time or money.

The idea behind Inside Edit is that you can work with a designer to complete your home or get a fresh take on your home without committing to a long term relationship. Our incentives are aligned with you. We will not waste your time or money. We want you to have hard working pieces that complete your look or even change your look. It’s up to you.

At Inside Edit, we know that a well designed home means more space, time, and money for the things you like to do. It’s no surprise that living in a well-loved, well-organized home leads to a happier life. We will change your space as much or as little as you like. We often use what you already have (as long as you love it!). We believe in well thought out placement and the use of combing color, scale, shape and texture for a big visual impact. Therefore we help you buy fewer, but ultimately better, pieces. We help you invest in those hard-working, unique pieces that combine form and function and give your home a sense of effortless style.